Palazzo Vecchio - Baroni Maglietta XVII century


A dream location to relax in a charming place. Palazzo Vecchio in Marittima offers comfortable living and the experience of the local culture in the old manor house restored according to the local architecture with antiques furniture. The family Nuzzo will welcome you according to the rules of good hospitality of Salento.

At the center of the town and 1 km from the sea, the B&B is an oasis of relaxation with a large Italian-style garden and the outdoor swimmingpool reserved for guests, where you can taste delicious local aperitifs.

The palace, of the late eighteenth century, was built by the noble family near to the oldest tower Alfonso, built at the end of the sixteenth century with the "Cafauso" located in the garden. They formed, with other four tower in the town, a small fortress.

In the early nineteenth century it was developed space where now is the B & B as a stable for animals and storage of tools. At the end of the century it was built the first floor where the family Nuzzo lives who transformed the barn and store in a working environment with workshops and spaces for tobacco processing first and then oil.

Packages and Offers

  • Charming Salento
    A day to explore the coast and its caves on the edge of the wonder boat Durlindana. Salento is clear…
  • Romantic Stay
    A luxury suite furnished with Louis XIV style in an old building in the heart of Salento, a romantic dinner…
  • Local and Taste

The Salento

The entire Salento is marked by a campaign rich in olive trees, red earth, pajare (old buildings made with stones), dolmens and menhirs, where you can smell a wonderful and mysterious aroma that fills the fresh air coming from the sea.

From Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca you can admire a unique coastal road where the beach gives way to the white cliffs of rock, ideal for diving. The sea has different intensities of blue and green and there are small ports carved into the rock and caves.

Marittima area

It is supposed that the city of Marittima was founded by Messapi, one the first population of the territory, and that has suffered the same fate of neighboring countries, such as Vaste, Diso and Castro, passing under the control of the Romans before and the Byzantines, Normans and Angevins later.

Marittima is located in the south east of Salento between the centers of Castro, Andrano and Diso. The part of country on the coast is called Marina di Marittima, well know as Acquaviva, one of the most beautiful bays in Apulia.